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CMLS and NAR Announce Cooperative Agreement

Sunday, May 15 2016 6:36 AM

Yesterday, Dale Stinton, CEO of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR); Rick Harris, Chairman of the MLS Issues and Policy Committee for NAR; and I announced a new cooperative agreement between NAR and CMLS at the REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington DC. 

This new agreement is the first step in establishing a collaborative relationship between the two organizations and leverages the expertise and experience of our CMLS members. It also demonstrates a commitment by both organizations to better serve our constituencies through collaboration. This will be accomplished along two lines: by inviting the MLS voice into discussions and decisions through NAR committees and advisory boards, and through the creation of specific programs. 

  • On the recommendation of CMLS, NAR will appoint three CMLS specific seats to the NAR MLS Technology and Emerging Issues Advisory Board.
  • From CMLS nominations, two CMLS members will join the AE Institute Curriculum Advisory Board.
  • After receiving recommendations from CMLS, one CMLS member will hold a seat on the NAR Association Executive Committee.
  • CMLS and NAR have each committed to provide reports to each other’s leadership at meetings held during the year.   
  • A future initiative will be developed to explore and assist with potential MLS collaborations and consolidations. 
  • An annual meeting will be established between CMLS leadership, NAR leadership, and members of the brokerage community. 
  • A joint-proposition “game changers” program will be established to create the next big MLS idea that will lead to a more efficient marketplace. 

These commitments, including greater MLS representation on NAR committees and advisory boards, will provide a foundation of cooperation toward the resolution of the issues that may arise within the real estate industry. The CMLS forward-thinking approach will bring our knowledge and experience to the discussions, our ability to advance the combined interests of our industry will be acted upon, and our desire for open and honest communication will be valued. The committee appointments, specifically, will provide a voice for the MLS industry. 

In the weeks ahead, expect more communication regarding this new cooperative agreement between CMLS and NAR. I am sure you will agree that this is representative of a very exciting time for the MLS community. I see it as a promising opportunity for all of us to come together and do a better job for all our constituents to align the real estate industry toward a better, more efficient marketplace. 

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