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Friday, June 3 2016 10:06 AM
  • 20% of REALTORS® In Business Under A Year…Increasing the number of young people in real estate has been a longstanding goal of the industry, so it's good news that the median age of REALTORS® dropped this year. It's now at 53, down from 57 last year. What's driving the decrease is two trends: an increase in REALTORS® under 30, and a drop in REALTORS® over 65.  Read more and see latest video here.  

  • Temporary  Health Insurance Option Available…If you missed open enrollment and need health insurance, REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace has options. The SMART Short Term Medical plan is an option if you need coverage until the end of the year. It’s designed to be affordable and can last from 30 days to six months.

  • Homepage Streamlined...NAR has redesigned the homepage to provide information in a focused, flexible, mobile-friendly way.

  • Win on Supreme Court Clean Water Act Case…In a victory for real estate, the U.S Supreme Court yesterday ruled that property owners don’t have to wait until they have a permit denied before they can sue the federal government over whether their property is subject to Clean Water Act regulation. In an amicus curiae brief it filed on the case, NAR said it was unfair to make property owners go through an expensive and time consuming permitting process before receiving a ruling, or jurisdictional determination, on whether their property contains a wetlands or other body of water subject to regulation. Background and NAR amicus brief. Background summary in the March 23 Voice for Real Estate.  

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